Classes & Mentorship

Gede Parma has been offering their work publicly since 2007. They have taught hundreds of workshops, classes, intensives throughout Australia, Turtle Island (North America), Bali, Brazil and Britain.

The Shamanic Craft Apprenticeship and Nine-Month Sorcery Mentorship are no longer offered as of 2014 and 2017 respectively.

Magical mentorships tailored to your path, journey, histories, and proclivities are continually offered. Please contact to apply if we have 1) met each other in person; 2) you have been practising for at least a year and a day in a vigilant/diligent/disciplined manner (translate that in your personal way); 3) you have a regional or strongly-cultivated magical support network. Fore more information watch this VIDEO.

E-mail for more information on any of the following classes and intensives.



Roots & Bones (Queer Pagan Men Australia)
Melbourne, Saturday the 13th of January from 9:30 AM-5:30 PM
I will also be facilitating a connected free event/ritual on the evening of Friday the 12th of January.
Information can be found HERE.


Ecstatic Tarot: Sorcery, Divination & Mysticism in the Cards
Melbourne over 6 Thursday evenings from 7-10 PM.
From 15th of February-22nd of March.

Register HERE


Hail and Welcome/Hale and Hearth: An Introduction to Witchcrafts 
Melbourne, Saturday the 3rd of March from 11 AM-5 PM. Free event.
Co-facilitated with Carrie Boon.


Dancing with Our Demons (Advanced Day Intensive) 
Brisbane, Saturday the 14th of April from 10 AM-6 PM.
Details forthcoming.


Luciferian Gnosis & the Fallen Angels (Advanced Day Intensive) 
Campbelltown, Sunday the 22nd of April from 10 AM-5 PM.
Details forthcoming.


Several more intensives and workshops will be listed in the coming months.


– February in Bali: Exploring the Tarot

– February in Brisbane (Australia): Iron Pentacle Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with Jane Meredith (Reclaiming)

– May in Melbourne (Australia): Possession Weekend Intensive

– July in Campbelltown (Australia): Iron Pentacle Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with SusanneRae (Reclaiming)

– July in Melbourne (Australia): Elements of Magic Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with Lisa Lind (Reclaiming)

– August/September in Melbourne (Australia): Iron Pentacle, Reclaiming Ourselves six week intensive (Reclaiming)

– September in Melbourne (Australia): The Star in the Stone

– November in Melbourne (Australia): Magic & Music Day Intensive with James Halloran

– November in Campbelltown (Australia): Speaking with the Spirits Day Intensive

– November in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Introduction to the Reclaiming Iron Pentacle

– November in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Introduction to Reclaiming Ritual

– November in Sao Paulo (Brazil): Shamanic Witchcraft and Ritual

– November in Sao Paulo (Brazil): The Veil, the Vessel & the Web Day Intensive


Gede Parma and Jane Meredith are also currently co-facilitating three conference call six-nine month journeys.
*Adventures in the Iron Pentacle over six month (Reclaiming Core Class)
*Adventures in the Pearl Pentacle over three months (Reclaiming Core Class)
*Myth & Magic over nine months

These long-distance conference-call style journeys are co-facilitated (bi)annually.