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Gede Parma has been offering their work publicly since 2007. They have taught hundreds of workshops, classes, intensives throughout Australia, Turtle Island (North America), Bali, and Britain.

The Shamanic Craft Apprenticeship and Nine-Month Sorcery Mentorship are no longer offered as of 2014 and 2017 respectively.

E-mail for more information on any of the following classes and intensives.



Iron Pentacle: Reclaiming Ourselves

co-taught with Tracey C.

Iron Pentacle is first and foremost a tool and teaching arising out of the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. Reclaiming draws a great deal of its magical heritage from Feri and one of our five Core Classes is completely devoted to the Iron Pentacle. In this Core Class we will explore Sex-Pride-Self-Power-Passion and return – cleansed, cleared, balanced, and re-aligned – to the truth of Divine Human Animal natures. 

Practical Details
Where: Private Residence in Reservoir, Melbourne

When: Every Wednesday from the 23rd of August until the 27th of September (six 3-hour long sessions)

Cost: (Australian dollars)
$300 (for those whose income is $40,000 per year or higher)
$250 (for those whose income is between $20,000 – $40,000 per year)
$200 (for those whose income is below $20,000 per year)
Please message us if you are uncertain which category to pay in.

Two spaces will be held for Queer, Trans*, People of Colour, Single Parents, or any other person who by some other circumstance requires it.


The Star in the Stone: Exploring Folkloric-Traditional Witchery

The Star in the Stone: Exploring Folkloric-Traditional Witchery is a journey into understanding and intimating cosmologies, ecologies, technique, and lore arising out the treasure trove of Old Craft as related to oracular, ecstatic, spell-casting, trance-taking, two-handed, heretical, spirit-fucking animistic traditions.

This 5-hour workshop will engage theory and practice.

Experience with entering ritual and trance states, understanding grounding, centring, boundaries, warding, and awareness of personal spirits is necessary.

A sliding scale of $40-70. Two spaces will be held for Queer, Trans*, People of Colour, Single Parents, or any other person who by some other circumstance requires it.

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– February in Bali: Exploring the Tarot

– February in Brisbane (Australia): Iron Pentacle Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with Jane Meredith (Reclaiming)

– May in Melbourne (Australia): Possession Weekend Intensive

– July in Campbelltown (Australia): Iron Pentacle Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with SusanneRae (Reclaiming)

– July in Melbourne (Australia): Elements of Magic Core Class as a Weekend Intensive with Lisa Lind (Reclaiming)

Gede Parma and Jane Meredith are also currently co-facilitating three conference-call six-nine month journeys.
*Adventures in the Iron Pentacle over six month (Reclaiming Core Class)
*Advanced Iron over six months
*Myth & Magic over nine months

These long-distance conference-call style journeys are co-facilitated annually.

In mid-October 2017 Gede will also be facilitating over a full year,

The Blessed Feasts: Deepening into the Magical Year

Do you observe, mark, and celebrate the Feasts?

How many? The four fire festivals of Celtic cultures carried through into the Christian calendar?

Samhain and Hallowmas…
Imbolc and Candlemas…
Beltaine and Roodmas…
Lughnasadh and Lammas…

Do you also gather with your magical kin and family or spirits at the Equinoxes and Solstices? 

Midwinter and Yule… or Christmas.
Spring and Ostara… or Lady’s Day.
Midsummer and Litha… or St. John’s Day.
Autumn and Hærfest… or Michaelmas.

Do you work with a Wheel of Eight Festivals, and perhaps even more? Or perhaps you only observe six?

These Feasts that have sometimes also been called Sabbats by Neo-Pagans are ancient. They arise out of Celtic, British, Scandanvian and Germanic cultures. They are observed far and wide and have been asborbed into the Christian calendar as important liturgical feasts in the story of Mary and Christ, or the Dead, Saints, or Angels.

Folklore and mythology abounds, as does erroneous material and much debate!

In this course that will run from Samhain/Beltaine (both hemispheres starting together) we will deepen into the folklore and myths connected to these Festivals that some of us still keep. We will meet via Zoom once a month two weeks(ish) before the traditional calendar dates to prepare for each Feast. The session are 1.5 hours long and those who can not make every scheduled session will be e-mailed recordings. There will be a ninth session to conclude. We will undergo processes, rituals, research, deity and mythology connection both during the sessions and between them.

The meetings will be in:

Mid-October 2017 (Samhain/Beltaine prep)
Early-December 2017 (Yule/Midsummer prep)
Mid-January 2018 (Imbolc/Lughnasadh prep)
Early-March 2018 (Spring/Autumn prep)
Mid-April 2018 (Beltaine/Samhain prep)
Early-June 2018 (Midsummer/Yule prep)
Mid-July 2018 (Lughnasadh/Imbolc prep)
Early-September 2018 (Autumn/Spring prep)

The cost will be AUS – $350-$600 sliding scale for the full course.
Pay where you can according to your income.

There will also be two available spaces for those Indigenous, POCs, Trans, Queer, Single Parents, and Folks with Disability who require the assitance.

E-mail for more information.