The Temple of Tarot: How the Spirits call to the People

3 June 2015

And how the People call to the Spirits.

I was handed my first Tarot deck by the High Priestess of the Coven of the Spirit Entwined at Midwinter 2002. It was a Yule gift and I am thankful that my first deck was passed to me from hand to hand rather than by the passing of coin directly (though coin was paid). There is something in this of the passing of power, of a curious ignition of what some people call “the momentum of the past”. I had been researching and studying the Nordic Runes – the Elder Furthark – for a few months before this, but once I held that Tarot it became my new and most regularly visited magical tool.

That night I returned home and I read the whole manual, absorbing the traditionally-given interpretations of both upright and reversed meanings and dreaming with the book under my pillow. I was 13 years old and somehow, magically, the whole book was cemented in my mind.

My parents were extremely supportive of my burgeoning talents with the Cards and with the Sight that flourished beside and inside that. Some afternoons my mother would invite her friends or neighbours over to get readings from me. I remember a time when I felt lazy and like the usual angsty, arrogant teenager and didn’t feel like reading for their friends; my father chastised me and told me it was in my best interests to do so. Thank-you mother, thank-you father. I began to get very specific information, flashes of images, and strong time-placed pivotal understandings. My Dadong who had walked into the Otherworld rather knowingly when I was two years old and who continued to visit our family began to reach out to me and aid me in my Skills. The Being I callled “the Goddess” at the time, who revealed Herself to be Persephone and Others, began to aid me, began to call me out of myself.

I thought I was a Cancerian until the age of 16 when I embraced Persephone and embraced my Leonine nature along with it. I was a rather reserved, quieter and more introverted person once upon a time tangled up in twisted roots and listening to my familiar spirits terrified of the confrontation of being human in this world.

But this is not meant to be about all of that, this is meant to be about the experience of reading the Tarot – and all that comes with that for me – for the People.

Tarot was how I became a professional witch, a cunning person, who now tends to spell-threads with and for others. A cunning person, a magical specialist, who is very much continuously aspiring and participating in this world as much as the Others. Tarot opened the Door to my walking Initiatory Paths in several Traditions of the Craft and discovering Spirit-Shrines there that opened the Way to drink of and dance with my Soul-Story…So, when I read Tarot, I desire to help people drink of and dance with their own Soul-Stories.

The risk of the Querent to come to the Temple of Tarot is the Fool’s Leap. Our convergence in time is ordained by The Star and hopefully by Temperance. We confront The Devil at the Gates of Power and Liberation and illusions are dissolve as The Tower crumbles and falls. The High Priestess guides me as The Hierophant reminds me of alignment, grounding, speaking with the spirits, and discernment; and all the strategy and discipline I am fortunate enough to have learnt and mostly disciplined enough to have integrated. Continuously. The Empress has me grounding into the fecund Earth; the Sun brings the Light in; the Moon reminds me of my original passion guiding me through the mist of confusions; the Magician tell me “As Above, so Below”…

Coming to the Temple of Tarot is not only the Querent’s Journey; it is the Reader’s Journey also. I am not some sacrosanct and set-apart being on a pedestal ordaining someone’s Fate by my own mystical prowess. I am a student of the Spirits and a tender of the Temple, yes. I journey to the Temple of Tarot and am perhaps more familiar, but it is always revelatory for me as well.

It is impossible to truly construct a Tarot reading prior to the laying down of the Cards. I will never know completely what the cards are about to say and why. I can only, with applied knowledge, intuition and sensitivity, begin to interpret the Omens. I then lean into my allies and familiars and together we hold up pictures and signs for the Querent.

The Querent ideally leaves empowered with a renewed sense of their agency and the wisdom of surrender, grace and the permission to be messy. Perhaps some fire to add to their lamps in their heart-hearths.

The Reader ideally leaves empowered with a renewed sense of their agency and the wisdom of surrender, grace and the permission to be messy. Perhaps some fire to add to their lamps in their heart-hearts.

When the Spirits call the People it is an age-old rite of remembrance, reverence and retreat into the Caves of Wisdom. If one is called by the Spirits to feast with the Omen-Givers then it is the Reader’s responsibility to commit to that Convergence. Or at least, it is one Reader’s responsibility by the quivering of the Fate-Threads.

I have made vows, witnessed and marked vows, to the Spirits and Ancestors and to My Own Holy Self to be of Service with my Cunning-Craft. I am one of those mainly blessing witches who can be sought out more easily than other witches; I stepped out of the shadows a while ago and made a sacrifice there. For every act and choice there is the corresponding shadow to hold the balance. Like all witches in the Story of Mastery we are also two-handed, so be aware. Mostly and most deeply that is not a cautionary statement, that is a dictum for Life.

If it is aligned, if I am called, I will journey to the Temple of Tarot with you, I will throw out my Souls into the Wyrding Web for you, I will help you pass through the Gates of Power if it is mine to do…ever-remembering that you, blessed Querents, bring me ever back into the Realm of Humans, the Realm of the Red, to do my Work for the Other Ones as well.

If you sit with me in the Temple of Tarot know that I will not only speak of your lovers, your children, your work, your passions, your practices, your problems and prosperities…I will speak of the Power and the Wisdom of the Spirits who must be heard. Ever-seeking right relationship with the Mysteries.

You bring the Questions and the Risk.
I will bring the Mirror and the Consecration.
The Spirits will bring the Wisdom and the Questions.
Together we make the Temple of Tarot.