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In addition to workshops and lectures, Gede offers:

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Gede Parma (Fio) is a hereditary seer, flesh-to-breath and distance intuitive and diviner with the Spirits. You could call him a psychic or a medium. He has been listening to and working with the Spirits and Intuition all his life.

He has been practising and serving with divination and the Sight for over thirteen years.

She is known for her detailed and textured readings that speak to what we could call past, present and future. He works with the Wyrd Sisters, the Fates, and much is revealed in this way.

Ze is able to read long-distance through Skype and in-person. Hir tools include:

  • Tarot – the mysterious and archetypal 78 cards of our lives
  • Runes – the ancient divinatory and magical alphabet of the Nordic and Germanic peoples
  • Palmistry – the art of interpreting signs on the palm
  • The Sight – the second sight, also called clairvoyance
  • Psychometry – physically holding an object and reading it
  • Spirit-talk – sometimes called channelling, this is also about deep listening to the other ones, to the spirits, our ancestors, the faery people, the angelic ones, the Divine/the Gods

Half an hour costs – $50
One hour readings cost – $80-$100



Gede Parma is a hereditary healer who works with intuition, second sight, hir spirit-helpers and allies, to help to restore vital flow to the bodies and to peer into the soulscape to discover ways to wholeness in synergy with you.

He works with the Seven Directions – North, East, South, West, Above, Below and Centre – as Gates of Power to bring the healing required by each person’s Deep Soul, Immortal Core.

He will work with your spirit-helpers, allies and ancestors to bring balance, synergy and vitality.

She is also practised and knowledgeable in the arts and rituals of soul retrieval – a shamanic skillset – so that we may come back home to ourselves.

These healings are not band-aids, they are not heal-alls, though they may initiate, supplement or consolidate all-healings. These rites and offerings may be threads in the tapestry of your healing and wellness. They work amazingly when they accompany counselling, allopathic and natural medicines and treatments, breath, exercise and relaxation.

For optimum benefit these sessions should occur in-person.


Spell-Work, House-Saining and Spirit Negotiation

Gede Parma is a skilled spell-worker and speaker with Spirits. He has been employed for over a decade by people from all works-walks of life to cast synergistic and potent spells for the selling of houses and businesses, for body, life and prosperity, for finding lost objects and security and protection.

Ze has worked in this way in several continents for people of magical persuasions and otherwise. She is also available to sain – or bless – a new dwelling, a new home, and new businesses.

Sometimes people discover in houses, places of business and otherwise that there are unsettled, stagnant or aggressive ‘energies’ or spirits present. Gede is available to look into such situations and ascertain the best solutions. If there are poltergeistic or negative spirit-influences present, she is able to negotiate with these spirits and banish them from a place. Compassion, presence, cunning and curiosity are all required for these endeavours.

To enquire about and book a healing, reading, spell, saining or spirit-work session please e-mail spirited_services@hotmail.com

Note: Gede will not work for clients on matters of love pertaining to other people.