Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, or How the fuck do I learn/grow in Reclaiming?

30 December 2017

Reclaiming. Straight away we are in nebulous territory. Reclaiming what? many people ask. How is Reclaiming not just being eclectic? is another common question. Reclaiming   [ + ]

Here the Crossroads is open, the Circle is cast, the Compass is laid…

28 November 2017

It is twilight, the sun is stretching and falling into the West. I am carrying a single black taper candle   [ + ]

Traditional Witchcrafts, an Introduction and Orientation

26 September 2017

Traditional Witchcrafts – Gede Parma (c) 2017 (aka Fio Aengus Santika) I am writing this as my personal contribution to   [ + ]